I chose the name, It’s All About Change™ for my practice because I believe it sums up what life is really all about. Through our life we are constantly evolving, which embodies change in itself. Some changes we choose and some we don’t. Some are expected and some are not. Transition coaching deals with all kinds of change, whether it involves relationships or business. As mothers, our 5 year olds tug at our heartstrings when they leave home for that first day of kindergarten. Years later, we send them off to college as we face the realization that life will never be the same again. We deal with aging parents and we deal with broken personal relationships. It would be impossible to name all the scenarios of change which we face but for the purpose of this website I have highlighted some of them for your information in regards to my coaching. Remember, change is inevitable but the way you handle it is what makes the difference.

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