What is at the core of my coaching?

I believe God created each of us with unique gifts and talents so that the world He created would be interactive and interdependent. I believe our capabilities far exceed anything we can imagine and we have no idea how good our life can really be if we fully engage these gifts. Unfortunately, we get caught up in the day to day and often miss the boat or settle for less than He intended. By doing a lot of internal examination, we can discover our gifts and our strengths and use them to live the full life He designed for us, despite the “junk” that often surrounds us. In so doing, we can discover what it’s like to live a life that feels comfortable to our core. He has a perfect plan for each life He creates.

What qualifies me to coach?

I am first and foremost a communicator. My initial college major was Journalism. I love to write and have a passion for word expression.  I taught school for many years and later attended the University of Georgia where I received a Masters degree in Counseling and did post-M.Ed. work. Subsequently, I developed a great interest in coaching which led me on a personal journey in my own life and career. As a result, I obtained my Professional Coaching Certification, leading to the creation of Its All About Change™.  I have used my teaching, counseling, and coaching skills in a variety of settings.  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, and the American Association of School Counselors.  Although I coach from a Christian perspective, I do not limit myself to Christian clientele.  It is my desire to be a light to all women.

What am I like as a coach?

I am a reality-oriented coach. My goal is to work with clients in their present framework and move forward as quickly and succinctly as possible. My desire is to see them stretch and grow beyond their wildest imagination. Being a part of the process fuels my own passion for coaching and challenges me to be a better person and a better coach every day. I think the thing that I bring to coaching is my natural love for people and my desire to validate them as individuals. In my coaching practice, this is foremost in my mind. This is how I approach people I meet and is the basis for the way I coach. I believe you will feel this instantly when you call me. And of course, God is our master of ceremonies. As our emcee, He presents the performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving.

What are my interests outside of coaching?

For starters, and most importantly, God is my CEO. He is my refuge and represents the very essence of who I am. I attend a non-denominational Christian Church. My faith is what sustains me during the good times and the hard times. I am a wife and a mother to two, now grown sons. They have been my greatest teachers. Isnít that the way it is with kids? Mine are the diamonds in my life, the stars in my sky. I am so very, very proud to be their mom.

When Iím not coaching you might find me at a flea market or thrift shop or you might just find me people watching. I love people. All kinds of people. I guess communicating with people, watching, interacting, and learning from people could be considered a hobby of mine. I SO much enjoy my work with clients, watching them transform their lives into the life they want. It is not hard to be an encourager when you believe as I do, that people have all the power within themselves to reach their goals. You just have to go for it and sometimes that requires a little help. Thatís ok!!! In addition to my love of people, I enjoy photography and gardening and combining the two arts, cooking, and most importantly, friendships! They are the glue that holds me together.

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